Corporate Social Responsibility for Environment

Towards a Sustainable Society

Our Challenges to SDGs

What is SDGs?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are global agenda set up by 193 members of the United Nations in September 2015. SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets aiming at achieving a sustainable world, which are adopted as universal goals by countries all over the world.
In order to achieve the SDGs, a variety of entities such as national governments, companies, and civil societies need to unite to work together and utilize our existing resources.

Hara Trading Co., Ltd. contributes to SDGs to realize a sustainable society.

In recent years, there is an urgent need to foam a “Recycling-based society” that will lead us to control resource consumption and reduce environmental impacts. Active promotion for efficient use of existing resources and recycle items will be one of solutions to achieve a sustainable society. The current conventional economic society merely ends up by producing a “mass production, consumption, and disposal-based” world.

We, Hara Trading Co., Ltd., have been aware of the importance of SDGs so well that our business activities take place aiming to achieve a sustainable society. Our operation principles include a mission to provide resource conservation and labor saving in the environmentally friendly way, so that we can contribute to the shifting to a resource recyclable society.

In the 17 goals of SDGs, there are many goals that are involved with the area to promote resource recycling society. We are a distributor and service provider for the products and components which are used in reused toner cartridges. Through our business and services, we have contributed to achieving SDGs.

Our major SDGs target to deliver through our products and services

In the offices and shops, laser printers are widely used. Toner cartridges have been reused for the purpose of one of sustainable environmental solutions to protect our environment and utilize the resources effectively.
Hara Trading Co., Ltd. is a distributor of consumable parts and components which are required to repair and/or remanufacture these used cartridges. Amid increasing social concerns about marine and ocean pollution and global warming nowadays, we are proud of our business that has contributed to promoting efficient utilization of resources, conserving our environment, and reducing CO2 emissions to realize a sustainable society in the future.

  • CO2 emissions can be reduced by 3.4kg per one piece of reused toner cartridge.
  • We are a member of Association of Japan Cartridge Re-manufactures (AJCR). AJCR has also been engaged in an activity to reduce CO2 emissions sustainably. As one of its activities, AJCR has quantified the amount of CO2 emissions using the Life Cycle Assessment method (LCA). The LCA results indicated a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from reused toner cartridges. Our tangible activities and results have been recognized and assessed in the industry, and AJCR has received the Encouragement and Recognition Award from LCA Society of Japan in 2018.

Through the partnership with Yokohama city government, we are actively involved in Yokohama’s 3-R actions, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” We will reduce solid wastes within Yokohama city, aiming that our future generations will be able to enjoy the sustainable environment.

Furthermore, as one of AJCR members, we are working hard to promote the use of reused toner cartridges to various industries in Japan, in the mutual cooperation among our fellow member companies.

In order to contribute to the reused toner cartridge industry, we have provided many companies with a training to achieve STMC certification (*1). Through this training, highly-qualified reused toner cartridges can be produced, which ensures the users to pick and choose reused toner cartridges to use with confidence.

*1: STMC stands for Standardized Test Methods Committee.
A standard testing method to evaluate printing quality made in laser printer toner cartridges.

Let’s make a first step using a reused toner cartridge!

NO Clone cartridge
NO Compatible cartridge
NO New Build cartridge

“Clone,” “Compatible,” and “New Build” are referring to the toner cartridges that are produced by parties other than OEM makers/genuine remanufacturers. These cartridges are newly made from scratch using brand-new plastic parts and materials. Therefore, we cannot call it sustainable.

We have recommended to use an OEM toner cartridge and/or OEM reused toner cartridge. Remanufacturing a spent toner cartridge will provide a reused toner cartridge that makes much lower environmental impact than producing a new cartridge. Your choice of reused toner cartridges is an effective way to create a sustainable society that any company can easily start with. In order to extend your efforts to achieve sustainable society as well as improve your CSR activity, we would encourage you to choose reused toner cartridges.

For more details as to reused toner cartridges, please feel free to email us at eigyou@harabo.co.jp or call us at +81-45-317-2251.


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