Head Office 4-33-1, Matsumoto-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Japan 221-0841
Contact TEL:+81-45-317-2251 / FAX:+81-45-317-2252
WEB http://wwww.harabo.co.jp
Established: July 16, 1955
Capital JPY 20,000,000
President Masato Emori
Bank of
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Yokohama Chuo Branch
Mizuho Bank, Yokohama Nishiguchi Branch
Our Business

History of Company
Edo era Hara Shoten (shop name: Kameya) started a silk and silk fabric business in Edo era after Hara Tomitaro (Hara Sankei) joined the Hara’s family, and later changed its organization to an unlimited partnership.
In 1942 Hara Sangyo Co., Ltd. was established in response to the Textile Control by government, later to spin off and inherit the import business as Hara Trading Co., Ltd. in 1955 and exported silk products to overseas.
In1955~1975 Hara Trading exported silk scarves to Europe and the US. Hara Trading had its sole distributor, MARVIN in New York, and co-established a printing factory for scarves in Japan.
In1975-1998 Hara Trading started exporting white cloth for typewriter and computer ribbons to Europe and the US. its German business partner expanded the ribbon business together with one of Japanese leading manufacturers’ nylon white cloths throughout the whole Western Europe.
Hara Trading started an apparel and business, and established a subsidiary specialized in knit product shop in Yokohama. Hara Trading was one of directors of both The Japan Silk Textiles Importers Association and The Japan Fiber Products Association.
In1989-2008 As the typewriter had changed to laser printers, Hara Trading introduced the remanufacturing business that the toner cartridges inside the laser printers are reused by replacing worn components and has contributed to the imaging aftermarket.
Hara Trading support remanufacturers and end users who use remanufactured toner cartridges.
Now As Hara Trading has a textile business background, Hara Trading’s textile division has specialized in the baby& kids baby gear business and expanded its business worldwide.
Hara Trading will continue focusing on its textile and printing related business and make a great contribution to the industries and markets.