• We keep our eyes open to anything, accomodating the changes of each era swiftly.


  • We use all kinds of networks to provide information and products that will be comfortable to customer needs.
  • We contribute to the social shift to "Resource Recycling Society" by focusing on reusing or conserving resources and also saving power.
  • We provide a good working environment at which the employees serve each roles to full of their abilities, so that they can contribute to society and customers.


  • To keep up with the current trends and markets, we constantly accomodate our paradigm in our business with wisdom and courage, so that we should have power to change ourselves, in order to acquire social recognition.
  • For the sake of customers and society, we continue to challenge new things and create the bright future with passion and courage.
  • Appreciating that we can exist in society, we should have severity, trust, fairness.