Our Business

Originating in the Edo period (1603-1868), Hara Trading Co., Ltd., experiences challenges daily, and has adapted for more than 65 years. Hara Trading is developing business currently based on two industries.

At the time of initial foundation, we specialized in silk material as a textile trading company, but we have transitioned to nylon materials known commonly as typewriter ribbon, and over to imaging supplies such as cartridge replacement parts.

Finally, again as a textile trading company, we have become involved in the baby stroller/carrier accessory & baby and children’s apparel industry.

Imaging Components and Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Division

Welcome to our Imaging Components and Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Business Division.

Hara Trading is located in Yokohama city. Yokohama Port opened in 1859 and introduced the world to new commerce opportunities. Hara Trading opened its doors in 1955 to embrace these global opportunities and started its textile and printing ribbon business in Yokohama, and has been a leader in the distribution of cartridge components for remanufacturers for more than 25 years.

As a visionary leader in the remanufacturing industry, Hara Trading distributes superior components quickly to support all the remanufacturers. In addition to Hara Trading’s distribution abilities, we offer technical support and an education center for hands-on training for our customers in the remanufacturing processes.

We are committed to investing a lot of resources in order to support the remanufacturing industry and being an industry leader in the imaging aftermarket. We support all the remanufacturers and end users who prefer genuine remanufactured toner cartridges by providing the highest value, technical service and high quality imaging solutions.

Textile and Kids GLOCAL Division

Welcome to our Textile and Kids GLOCAL Division offering Baby & Kids’ Gears and OEM Apparel.

    What we do?
  • ● International baby & kids brand importer, distributor, and importer/exporter
  • ● Product development, manufacturing control and sales for domestic and overseas apparel goods
  • ● OEM Apparel / Baby Stroller Accessories / Baby Toys / Baby Carrier and Accessories

Why we started?
I am Masato Emori, president and CEO of Hara Trading. I have a wonderful family, including three sons. And with three boys, mine is a life full of laughter, fighting and crying. When our second baby was born, I tried very hard to participate in childcare. However, I was overwhelmed by work and as a result left everything to my wife. I never stopped thinking of a way to help and participate. This process resulted in my deep understanding of baby products: baby carriages, baby carriers, baby bouncers, high chairs, cribs, toys, nursing bottles, diaper changing pads…and more.

Our company originally started as a textile trading company. Therefore I soon began to wonder if we could produce baby textile products, since we already had rich experience in textile product development, particularly in apparel.
Soon I was filled with so many ideas regarding the many things we wished were available for childcare.
That is how I decided to research and develop the baby & kids products.

Although we did not have a single customer in the baby & kids division in the beginning, we started gaining more and more customers who loved our products as our lineup grew larger. We find great joy in helping our customers and will continue providing helpful products that meet their needs - for everyone who is in need of our products, for those waiting for a child to be born, and to support my own family, and our office members who work very hard to make this happen.

Our mission is “Let us evolve our life with Baby & Kids, then family becomes delightful.”

Best regards,

Masato Emori
President and CEO
Hara Trading Co., Ltd.