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Toner cartridge standard test service

Toner cartridge for laser printers A third-party organization that conducts standard tests


We will conduct the industry's first standardized test of recycled toner cartridges as a third party with the aim of contributing to the spread and sound development of recycled toner cartridges that are environmentally friendly and effective in reducing office costs.

Environmental issues such as global warming are attracting attention, and the number of products and services that are environmentally conscious is increasing. Recycled toner cartridges for laser printers, which greatly contribute to cost reduction of office-related consumables, have been recognized worldwide as environmentally friendly products that reduce industrial waste.

Used toner cartridges collected from end users are cleaned, usable parts are reused, only worn parts are replaced, toner is refilled, and toner cartridges are repaired and regenerated. Unlike genuine toner cartridges, recycled toner cartridges do not have unified standards such as print quality and number of prints, the standards are different depending on the manufacturer of recycled toner cartridges, and individual performance is not open, so end users can use it. There was not enough information to make fair choices, and in reality, we were forced to purchase by comparing prices only.

Therefore, from a neutral standpoint, we will carry out standard tests to maintain transparency and fairness, and contribute to improving the quality of recycled toner cartridges. In addition, I hope that it will be useful as an institution that can maximize its functions in order to distinguish it from counterfeit and counterfeit products, which have been regarded as a problem these days.

Industry news

Recently, it seems that imitations and counterfeit toner cartridges are on the market. These toner cartridges are completely different from regular recycled toner cartridges (recycled toner cartridges). Recycled toner cartridges clean used toner cartridges, reuse as many usable parts as possible, replace only worn parts, refill toner, and repair and recycle toner cartridges.

Recycled toner cartridges have been recognized worldwide as an environmentally friendly product that reduces industrial waste. We strongly recommend that you do not use counterfeit or counterfeit products that ignore intellectual property rights. Sales companies and end users who handle such toner cartridges are exposed to the risk of litigation from genuine manufacturers.


Standard test method

The Japan Cartridge Standard Testing Center conducts the following standard tests upon request.

  • Printage test (Original standard test of our center)

  • STMC test (world's only toner cartridge standard test)

  • ISO / IEC19752, JISX6931 test

* Printage is registered as a trademark as a toner cartridge test method.
Please contact us for costs and details.

Test report

This is a report from the Japan Cartridge Standard Testing Center.
We will report data such as print life, print density, and toner consumption, which are guidelines for checking the quality of toner cartridges, in an easy-to-understand manner from the perspective of the end user.

Sample report

Business content

  • Toner cartridge standard test, comparative test, and test report preparation

  • Research and development of toner cartridge test methods

  • Recycled toner cartridge promotion activities

It is used by such people

  • Those who need a comparative test between genuine toner cartridges and recycled toner cartridges

  • Those who want to check the quality of the recycled toner cartridge currently in use

  • Those who want to check the quality of the recycled toner cartridge that they are about to purchase

  • Those who want to know about recycled toner cartridges

​About inquiries

Japan Cartridge Standard Testing Center


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[TEL] 045-317-2251 / [FAX] 045-317-2252


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