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Babymoon item gallery

Baby pillow (pod)

It is an item born from the idea of mother

It was devised when the founder's daughter was pointed out that her head was flatter than usual during a medical examination and was diagnosed as developing a far occiput in the worst case.

In fact, two months after using this product, the shape of my daughter's head changed.
It is a unique design (US patent pending) that can be used not as a head support but also as a neck support.


Nursing cover (bar pet)

Using very breathable cotton, you can breastfeed comfortably and comfortably without disturbing your baby's breathing.
Since it has a pocket, you can store handkerchiefs, hand towels, pacifiers, etc. and it has excellent functionality.

Comes in a cute box that's perfect as a gift. 4.000 yen (excluding tax)

Blanket for children (Cudley)

Recommended for children over 1 year old.
There is no doubt that you can use one piece in various scenes when you go out, such as wearing it when you feel cold!
The fluffy polyester is soft to the touch.

Comes in a cute box that's perfect as a gift. 4.800 yen (excluding tax)


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