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(Responsibility to make, responsibility to use)

By 2030, we aim to significantly reduce waste generation.



(Specific measures against climate change)

Measures are needed to combat climate change and its impacts. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that has the greatest impact on global warming, and reducing it will lead to climate change countermeasures and the realization of a carbon-free society.



(Let's protect the richness of the sea)

By 2025, we aim to prevent and significantly reduce marine debris and other marine pollution. Of the marine debris, plastic waste is regarded as a problem because it has an adverse effect on the ecosystem.

What is a reuse toner cartridge?

In addition to genuine manufacturer's toner cartridges for laser printers used in offices, there are "reuse toner cartridges" that can be reused several times and are environmentally friendly.
Sometimes called "recycled toner" or "recycled toner".
It was reborn by collecting used genuine toner cartridges, inspecting and disassembling them, replacing only the necessary parts, and filling them with toner.
It is a product that can be reused.
Compared to manufacturing new cartridges, it is a sustainable product that helps protect the environment and make effective use of resources.


How is it different from the genuine toner cartridge?
In what ways is it sustainable? Are there any other benefits to using it?

A genuine toner cartridge is a toner cartridge manufactured by a manufacturer of copiers and multifunction devices.
Reuse toner cartridges are toner cartridges manufactured by recycling manufacturers other than the above manufacturers in the process of reusing the collected used genuine toner cartridges, inspecting and disassembling them, replacing only the necessary parts, and filling them with toner. ..
Since it is shipped after a print test and quality check, it is not inferior in quality to the genuine product.

Sustainable point (1)

Reduce CO2, the cause of global warming

Using one reuse toner cartridge is compared to manufacturing a new cartridge.
CO2 emissions can be reduced by approximately 3.4 kg.

Sustainable point (2)

Recycling of waste (garbage)

Reuse toner cartridges are discarded after being regenerated and used several times.
At that time, it is also separated into metals and plastics, crushed, and reused as fuel and resources.
Even after using it, you can avoid producing waste as much as possible.


Reuse toner cartridges are economical!

Reuse toner cartridges are significantly cheaper than genuine products,
It has excellent cost performance. It is also effective in reducing office expenses.

Other benefits


Choose a Reusable Toner Cartridge

Some toner cartridges are counterfeit products manufactured by a third party who is not the manufacturer, not only the parts and toner but also the cartridge itself. They are called "compatible products", "compatible products", and "clone", and although they are inexpensive, troubles such as printer failure are likely to occur, and there are cases where the patents of genuine products are infringed.
Since the toner cartridge is newly molded without being reused, resources are not effectively used and it is not sustainable.

Choose a cartridge with the E & Q mark and STMC logo!

E & Q mark

It is a management standard of "environment and quality" established by the Japan Cartridge Recycling Industry Association (AJCR).
The "E & Q mark" label of environment (Eco) and quality (Quality) is affixed to the main body of the reuse toner cartridge that has cleared the standards and has been certified by a third-party inspection body.


STMC logo

A global standard test method for measuring the print quality of toner cartridges (monochrome machines) for laser printers. Only companies trained and certified by STMC certified instructors can affix the "STMC" logo to cartridges.

(1) The E & Q mark and STMC are used as bidding conditions for government agencies. (2) The E & Q mark is registered in the environment label database of the Ministry of the Environment.

(3) Only genuine products with the E & Q mark can be reused. Counterfeit and compatible products will not be reused.

Reuse toner cartridge regeneration flow


Hara Trading Co., Ltd. is an unsung hero who supports the reuse toner cartridge industry!

We have contributed to the promotion of the use of reused toner cartridges and the development of the industry with the aim of protecting the environment and making effective use of resources.

We also believe that it is our mission to support other companies that are worried about SDGs activities, and we are promoting SDGs activities through reused toner cartridges as a sustainable activity that starts with "what we can do".

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries about reused toner cartridges! We support your SDGs activities and carbon neutral / decarbonization efforts!

For inquiries regarding reused toner cartridges  Here

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